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Friend. Follow. Text. #storiesFromLivingOnline

“5’9, 135, 6c, br bl” to appear in new anthology

Many of us now live at least part of our lives online. Creeping an ex on Facebook, wasting time doing “research” on Twitter, posting our pics on Instagram or Flickr. Social media has changed how we construct and understand our identities, and like any traditional setting, is ripe for love, mystery, intrigue – in short, for good stories.

Well-known storyteller, writer, and reviewer Shawn Syms is editing a new anthology called Friend. Follow. Text #storiesFromLivingOnline. It’s set to launch in early fall with the boutique Winnipeg publisher Enfield & Wizenty.

I’m thrilled that my story “5’9, 135, 6c, br bl” will appear in the anthology. This story was originally published in the inaugural issue of Plenitude, and prior to that, was a finalist for the Matrix Litpop Fiction Award and was also adapted for stage reading by Workshop West Theatre as part of the Exposure Festival in Edmonton.

The piece tells the story of a young Vancouver man’s Internet hook-up with a powerful and closeted older guy, and the tragic end to his evening’s adventures.

Look for the anthology early this fall. In the meantime, you can follow its progress on Twitter.