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Four upcoming publications

The next few month will mark the publication of a new cycle of short stories in a number of Canadian journals. Most of this work is the product of last spring and summer, when I was completing my first collection of short fiction with welcome assistance from the Canada Council for the Arts.

“Getting Run Over While Jaywalking Only Happens to Other People” will appear in this spring’s issue of PRISM international. This is a slightly older piece that tells the story of Clifford, a gay Christian struggling with his secret demons and desires in the last heady days of pre-Apocalyptic Vancouver. Many thanks to fab prose editor Jane Campbell for helping to whip the piece into shape.

“1987” will appear shortly in The Dalhousie Review. Part of the fiction manuscript, “1987” spends New Year’s Eve, 1987 with an unnamed teen narrator as he counts down and grooves to the top 100 video hits of 1986 while minding a strange woman’s baby, sneaking long peeks at Playgirl, and gossiping to his country girlfriend from an old school rotary phone.

“Gail is a Punk” is one of several stories I wrote in Berlin, and follows Gail, a nervous Australian lyric poet who finds herself in a complicated, tenuous relationship with a hot young Swede during her year abroad in Kreuzberg. This one is forthcoming in Grain.

Finally, as previously revealed, “When We Die” will appear in the fall in Descant‘s special Berlin issue. The last of the Berlin stories, this one looks at the treatment of gay men in Nazi Germany through the eyes of a contemporary Canadian researcher.

Thanks to the editors of each for selecting these pieces and for their feedback and ongoing support.