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“Henrietta” upcoming in Prairie Fire

What happens to friendships that explode into being in a hot burst of mutual love, only to flame out and wither away from some unforeseen force?

You know the kind of friendship I mean–when you can’t get enough of the other person, spend nearly every waking moment together, as if your lives run on parallel tracks and you are fated to be BFs forever. And then something imperceptible changes, and before long you’re nervous strangers.

That’s roughly the terrain covered in my story “Henrietta”, which has been accepted for publication in Prairie Fire. The story’s narrator Steve looks back to the late 1990s and an intense and ambiguous relationship with a young woman named Henrietta, who may or may not be emotionally stable. It’s a funny and heartbreaking look at what goes wrong when neglect and avoidance take hold in a relationship and features some great period footage from late ’90s Vancouver.

(Interesting note: Elliot, the narrator from my Journey-Prize nominated story “You Were Loved”, has a cameo but critical role in the piece.)

“Henrietta” is a new story and part of my just completed short fiction manuscript. This is my fourth piece with Prairie Fire. I’m grateful to editors Andris Taskins, Heidi Harms, and Warren Cariou for being so great to work with and for their ongoing support of my writing.

The story should be out later this year–in the meantime, consider a subscription to Prairie Fire and get “Henrietta” and tons of great Canadian and international writing delivered right to your front door.