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#Fortune Teller in The Puritan

An alleged ex-gay drug dealer named Potzi gets shot under mysterious circumstances, and now his buddies are in hiding. This is the premise of my latest story, “#Fortune Teller“, up now over at The Puritan.

This is a new story, the first I wrote set in Toronto, and features an east-end strip club, a Chinatown massage parlour, Latin drag queens at El Convento Rico, and a Queen Street fortune teller named Belinda. It’s a story about fate, a story about friendship, and a story about Twitter. Check it out.

Big thanks to Spencer Gordon and Tyler Willis, editors at The Puritan, for some great editing advice and for being so excellent to work with. The Puritan is on of a great crop of smart, savvy online lit magazines–along with Little Fiction, Joyland, and The Rusty Toque, among others–changing the Canadian literary landscape. Give them your support.