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“Efren’s Place” to debut in Edmonton

This weekend my short story “Efren’s Place” will make its stage debut with Guys in Disguise and Workshop West Playwrights Theatre as part of this year’s Loud & Queer Cabaret. The L & Q cabaret is a Canadian arts institution, featuring the longest running showcase of queer arts in Western Canada.

Under the theme “Let Me Be Perfectly Queer!”, the L & Q cabaret will feature adapted works from over 25 artists from across Canada, including new work from artists like playwright Brad Fraser, who will present a new experimental film. The cabaret runs at the Westbury Theatre and is co-hosted by the amazing Darrin Hagen and Kristy Harcourt. Tickets are on sale online.

“Efren’s Place” is a new, unpublished work set in Toronto and tells the story of how a seemingly casual afternoon meet-up between two strangers can broaden into something darker and more disturbing than anticipated.

Huge thanks to Darrin, Guys in Disguise, and Workshop West for taking this on and for all their hard work adapting the piece. This is my second piece in L & Q–my story “5’9, 135, 6c, br bl” was featured in 2011 and went on to be published in Plenitude and the anthology Friend. Follow. Text. #storiesFromLivingOnline.