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Karaoke night at Little Fiction

It’s about courage. It’s about connection. It’s about dreams of fame and glory. It’s about Dolly Parton and The Lion King.

My new story, “Thursday night karaoke“, is live now–and a free read–over at Little Fiction. For those of you not in the know, Little Fiction is one of the most celebrated, innovative online literary journals in North America. LF produces high-quality short story “singles” in multiple formats, lovingly designed by managing editor and stylemaster Troy Palmer.

This is my third story in Little Fiction, following two somewhat experimental pieces — In Memoriam, told entirely through an online web memorial for a mysterious and recently dead twentysomething Vancouverite — and Diagnostic Checklist: A Review of Common Body Fluids in the Case of Casey Cripps, which appeared in Little Fiction‘s last Listerature anthology.

“Thursday night karaoke” tells the tale of a Thursday night cast of karaoke warriors. It was inspired by a dark, snowy night in Halifax–one of my last evenings in the city. Warm thanks to Troy for taking this one on. It’s dedicated to everyone out there who has ever picked up a mic, closed their eyes, and let the glory come alive.

Read the story here. While you’re at it, check out this cool, short video trailer for the story.