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Thursday night karaoke joins the line-up in Little Fiction’s MUSIC Anthology

Those of you who follow the world of short fiction know that the fine folks at Little Fiction are leaders of the pack when it comes to publishing great short stories. Each month, they publish several new shorts by writers from across North America in truly fine, superbly designed–and free–short story singles.

I’ve always been a big fan of Little Fiction and have long admired and been inspired by Troy Palmer, the creative genius who brought LF into being and still runs the show. Over the years I’ve had the privilege of having a few pieces grace their virtual pages–including, most recently, “Thursday night karaoke,” a tale of big dreams and pretty bad acoustics.

Now, Little Fiction is teaming up with their non-fiction sibling Big Truths to launch their first ever print anthologies. In addition to their FOOD anthology (NOMFICTION), they’ll be launching a print edition of a new MUSIC anthology featuring “Thursday night karaoke”, as well as the work of other great writers like Will Johnson, Jay Hosking, and Steve Karas.

The MUSIC anthology is available now for pre-order through a creative crowdfunding partnership with Inkshares. For a mere ten bucks, you’ll get a stylishly designed anthology of fine music fiction and non-fiction works, complete with bonus features. Sounds like music to my ears.

Check out the Inkshares page for a special sneak preview of “Thursday night karaoke” and to see the very special features you’ll get when you order your own copy.