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New story “Eileen” forthcoming in Grain

The good folks at Grain magazine will be publishing a new story of mine, “Eileen”, later this fall. This is a somewhat darker tale, set on the East Coast, that takes a close look at the lasting impacts of domestic violence. It’s told from the point of view of an unnamed adult daughter reflecting on the twists and turns of her mother’s life.

Here’s a short excerpt:

My mother—Eileen—had no money to speak of, but she was forever moving house. For her, packing up the Ford Fiesta with her Salvation Army costumes and vintage crystal dishware and boxes of paperback novels, with the silk pink dressing gown won at the local bingo and the plush stuffed panda from the town’s Lobster Carnival, not to mention her ferns and spider plants—filled her with a kind of soft, ethereal, floating feeling, something akin to hope.          

And who among the hopeful does not believe in new beginnings?

This is my fifth publication in Grain, and my third short story. Thanks to the editors and staff at the magazine. Look for “Eileen” later this fall.