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Call Me By Your Name: The Query Project

Plentitude magazine recently asked me to talk about a book that’s had an impact on my development as a writer for part of a series they’re running called The Query Project. It’s a great project that’s featured a wide range of Canadian writers and has introduced me to a number of exceptional new titles.

In the profile, I talk about Andre Aciman‘s haunting novel Call Me By Your Name. Set one languid summer on the remote Italian coast, the book tells the torturous, exhilarating story of seventeen-year old Italian teenager Elio and his relationship with twenty-four year old Oliver, an American graduate student living in close quarters with Elio’s family for the summer months. It’s a gorgeous, evocative tale that uses masterly restraint and elegant, pared-down prose to re-tell the classic coming-of-age story.

My thanks to Joshua Lewis for the timely and welcome recommendation. Read the full profile here.