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On writing vulnerability

The good folks at The Puritan have been running a lovely series of essays exploring currents issues in nonfiction writing over on their blog The Town Crier. The series has been lovingly and skillfully curated by Amanda Leduc, author of the novel The Miracles of Ordinary men and editor at Big Truths.

Amanda invited me to contribute an essay to the project. In the end, I decided to write about a topic that’s been critical to my own development as a writer (& human being) over the past number of years: vulnerability. The researcher and storyteller Brene Brown has conducted groundbreaking work linking our ability to embrace vulnerability (with ourselves, in relationships, in our work) and our general sense of well-being and wholeheartedness. How, I wanted to explore, might the nonfiction writer go about pushing the boundaries of vulnerability to explore spaces that are truthful, authentic, and transformative?

The result is an essay called On Writing Vulnerability, which you can read for free over at The Town Crier. Warm thanks to Amanda and eveyone at The Puritan for inviting this piece.