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New story “A Week in Spain” on Union-Pearson Express

If you’re in Toronto and travelling on the Union-Pearson Express train between downtown and Pearson airport anytime soon, check out the onboard magazine, On the UP. My story “A Week in Spain” is featured as part of the magazine’s showcase of new Canadian fiction.

The story follows a midlife professional woman from Toronto as she navigates a low point in her marriage. Trying to rekindle the loving vibes with her partner, she proposes a vacation to Seville during the solemn Easter processions.

Here’s a sneak peek:  

“You can back yourself into a corner, is what I think. You can do everything right, play by the rules, buy low and sell high, and still find yourself lonely in your busy middle years, like some low-paid movie extra in the film version of your life. Somewhere along the way, once the bills are paid and the dog is walked, after the cleaning lady has gone and the floors of the condo sparkle, the person you love will walk through the door, and you will greet one another like strangers, settling in for a glass of Malbec over the sleek granite countertop, unhooking your bra and kicking off your heels, putting aside the phone and trying hard – as if you have forgotten how to speak the language – to wake up to one another; to remember what it was, once upon a time, that made you fall in love.”

Warm thanks to Naben Ruthnum for connecting me to the editorial team.

(photo credit: Ann Millar)