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“Efren’s Place” in The Winnipeg Review

It’s a balmy spring afternoon in Toronto and a bored, dreamy university student meets an intense stranger while ostensibly studying at a cafe. What happens next?

To find out, you’ll have to check out “Efren’s Place“, a new story out now in The Winnipeg Review. “Efren’s Place”, according to editor Shawn Syms, is “A sophisticated short story about tender — and unexpected — intimacies”.

Warm thanks to Shawn and everyone at The Winnipeg Review for taking this one on. They’re an exceptional source of first-rate reviews, criticism, and interviews on Canadian literature, so check them out.

Here’s a sneak peak of “Efren’s Place”:

We had met—if you want to call it that—less than an hour before, in a café bar on Ossington. It was a slow afternoon and I thought the café would be a quiet place to study. I was reading a book by Foucault that I could barely understand. But I liked the long blocks of text, the clinical French vocabulary, the complex strings of ideas I could feel, like silvery fish, nibbling under the surface of every page.


Photo credit: BlogTO.