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Review: Encircling

Our lives are made meaningful by the stories we tell ourselves, the tales we spin to construct order out of the chaos of our experiences. But what happens if we lose our capacity to remember? Read more

Review: The Dark and Other Love Stories

Deborah Willis earned wide acclaim in 2009 with her debut collection Vanishing and Other Stories (Hamish Hamilton), a finalist for that year’s Governor General’s Award. More auspiciously, the collection garnered that rarest of literary accolade — a blurb from Alice Munro, who praised the work’s “emotional range and depth.” Read more

Young Voices in Difficult Times

Young Voices is a magazine published by the Toronto Public Library each spring and features written and visual work from Toronto youth aged 12-19. While the magazine’s aim is to publish high-calibre creative work, for many teens, it’s also a venue to explore and express complicated personal feelings in a safe space. Read more

PUBLICATION: “I Don’t Know When I’ll Be Back” in The New Quarterly

My latest short story, “I Don’t When I’ll Be Back” appears in the Winter 2017 issue of The New Quarterly, along with work from Liz Harmer, Pamela Mordecai, and others. This is my first appearance in TNQ. Thanks to editor Pamela Mulloy and the rest of the editorial board for taking on this piece. Read more