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Review: MOSHI MOSHI in The Toronto Star

Early in Moshi Moshi, the latest from prolific Japanese writer Banana Yoshimoto, Yoshie wistfully recalls a family trip to Paris with her recently deceased father. “We went to a shop that sold Middle Eastern sandwiches, and ate them right there in the shop . . . Dad said he’d never enjoyed so much garlic in a single meal.” Read more

‘27,000 Breaths’ nominated for Pushcart, Sundress Best of the Net Award

I’m thrilled that the fine folks at Little Fiction/Big Truths have nominated my story “27,000 Breaths” for a Pushcart Prize and a Sundress Best of the Net Award. This is a story close to my heart: it’s about my father, about death, about Robin Williams & about how we make sense of our own fleeting, brief, gorgeous lives. Read more

PUBLICATION: A Mixtape of Words available for pre-order

Looking for a literary anthology for the music lover in your life? Hankering for writing that speaks to your inner acoustics? Read more

Review: The Boy Who Escaped Paradise

What do we make of a young amnesiac found at the scene of a grisly murder in a downscale New York apartment? The FBI — finding a fistful of fake passports and noting a pattern of mysterious symbols written in blood on the wall — assume the young man a spy. Possibly crazy.

Read more