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PUBLICATION: “I Don’t Know When I’ll Be Back” in The New Quarterly

My latest short story, “I Don’t When I’ll Be Back” appears in the Winter 2017 issue of The New Quarterly, along with work from Liz Harmer, Pamela Mordecai, and others. This is my first appearance in TNQ. Thanks to editor Pamela Mulloy and the rest of the editorial board for taking on this piece. Read more

Interview: Nora Gold, in The Winnipeg Review

Nora Gold’s new novel The Dead Man explores the shadowy terrain of emotional obsession. Eve, a composer of sacred music and a music therapist, returns to Israel for a professional workshop only to find herself haunted by memories of a profound and devastating relationship. While Eve wanders the bustling streets of Jerusalem, she struggles to make sense of her tumultuous connection to Jake. It’s a book that asks important questions about the difficult roots of attachment and the complex work involved in healing our emotional wounds. Read more

Review: MOSHI MOSHI in The Toronto Star

Early in Moshi Moshi, the latest from prolific Japanese writer Banana Yoshimoto, Yoshie wistfully recalls a family trip to Paris with her recently deceased father. “We went to a shop that sold Middle Eastern sandwiches, and ate them right there in the shop . . . Dad said he’d never enjoyed so much garlic in a single meal.” Read more

‘27,000 Breaths’ nominated for Pushcart, Sundress Best of the Net Award

I’m thrilled that the fine folks at Little Fiction/Big Truths have nominated my story “27,000 Breaths” for a Pushcart Prize and a Sundress Best of the Net Award. This is a story close to my heart: it’s about my father, about death, about Robin Williams & about how we make sense of our own fleeting, brief, gorgeous lives. Read more