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Reading: WordsThaw Writers Festival, March 18

If you’re in Victoria this Friday, March 18–I’ll be taking the stage as part of the Words Thaw Writers Festival. Read more

Canada at 150: An Indigenous Perspective

As part of my stay as writer-in-residence at Pearson College, I’m working with Clint Kuzio, Pearson’s Indigenous Education Coordinator, to organize a panel discussion of Indigenous writers and thinkers. Panelists Janet Rogers, Philip Kevin Paul, and Chaw-win-is Ogilvie will consider what Canada’s 150th Anniversary looks like from an Indigenous perspective. Read more

Review: Encircling

Our lives are made meaningful by the stories we tell ourselves, the tales we spin to construct order out of the chaos of our experiences. But what happens if we lose our capacity to remember? Read more

Review: The Dark and Other Love Stories

Deborah Willis earned wide acclaim in 2009 with her debut collection Vanishing and Other Stories (Hamish Hamilton), a finalist for that year’s Governor General’s Award. More auspiciously, the collection garnered that rarest of literary accolade — a blurb from Alice Munro, who praised the work’s “emotional range and depth.” Read more