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Review: Willem DeKooning’s Paintbrush

There are short-story debuts that emerge into the world and merely hint at the promise to come. Then there are collections that arrive fully formed, as if the writer is no mere debutante, but has stepped directly into the literary spotlight, with an ace or two (or three) up her sleeve. Read more


The BERTIN-CORKUM Dialogues: PART 2 — Path of the Samurai

Guest introduction by gentleman and scholar, Mr. Kris Bertin.

Being a writer has its fair share of drawbacks. In my opinion, other than the joy of imagining and creating, the only other fun part about it is getting to know like-minded people who are toiling beside you in the idea-mines. Some people are down here because they had an accident and fell in, others are merely driven to pick away in misery, and some people signed up and willingly hopped in. Trevor Corkum is one of those guys, the guy working harder than all of you and whistling the whole time, unearthing truths and horrors alike and cheerfully showing them off. Read more

The BERTIN-CORKUM Dialogues: PART 1 – The Wonder Years

Kris Bertin is a good friend and a fine writer. His stories have in spades everything I look for in top quality fiction–deep heart, great emotional risk, exceptional attention to craft, and characters so heartbreakingly complex they feel like they are part of yourself.  Read more

Currently Living…one year later.

This month my blog turns one year old. Happy birthday, blog. I wanted to take this opportunity to look back and reflect on what’s come to pass in the last twelve months on Currently Living. Read more