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Posts tagged ‘sex’

My Body Is Yours: In conversation with Michael V. Smith

What does it mean to be a man? How does the experience of intimacy between men–the terror and rawness of emotional and physical vulnerability, and the possibility of shared tenderness–figure into our understandings of masculinity at this particular moment in time? Read more


In conversation with Angie Abdou

What happens when a busy middle-class couple in a small mountain town hire an attractive live-in nanny for their two young sons? That’s the premise of Angie Abdou’s highly regarded and fully realized new novel, Between.
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Truth-telling with Christopher DiRaddo

Christopher DiRaddo’s The Geography of Pluto is a fierce and frank story of a young guy searching for love in Montreal. Will is a geography teacher dealing both with his mother’s recent cancer diagnosis and a difficult and ambivalent relationship with his first love and ex-boyfriend, Max. Read more