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Below you’ll find a list of selected fiction publications. Click on links for more information or to purchase the publication. Free downloads or stories available online are marked with a (*).




The Electric Boy (novel, forthcoming, Doubleday Canada)


“Thursday night karaoke” A Mixtape of Words (Little Fiction, 2017)

“5’9, 135, 6c, br bl” Friend. Follow. Text. #storiesFromLivingOnline (Enfield & Wizenty, 2013)

“You Were Loved” Journey Prize Stories 24 (McClelland & Stewart, 2012)

Magazines & Journals

I Don’t Know When I’ll Be Back” The New Quarterly (2017)*

“Efren’s Place” The Winnipeg Review (2016)

“Eileen” Grain (2016)

A Week in Spain” On the UP – Union Pearson Express (2015)

“Dar a Luz” Event (2015)

“Day of the Dead” Prairie Fire (2015)

“Henrietta” Prairie Fire (2015)

Thursday night karaokeLittle Fiction (2015)*

Coconut DreamsThis Magazine (2015)

Getting Run Over While Jaywalking Only Happens to Other People” PRISM international (2014)

1987” The Dalhousie Review (2014)

Gail is a Punk” Grain (2014)

When We Die” Descant (2014)

“#Fortune Teller” The Puritan (2014)*

Esperanza” Joyland (2014)*

“In Memoriam” Little Fiction (2013)

“Diagnostic Checklist: A Review of Common Body Fluids in the Case of Casey Cripps” Little Fiction (2013)

“5’9, 135, 6c, br bl” Plenitude (2012)

“You Were Loved” The Malahat Review (2012)

“Sushi for the Homeless” Grain (2011)

“Are You Still There?” Prairie Fire (2010)

“Notes Towards a Film About My Childhood” Prairie Fire (2010)

“Johnson’s Life” The Antigonish Review (2008)

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