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Coconut Dreams finds a home in This magazine

“Coconut Dreams” is a story close to my heart. Set in inner city Halifax, it tells a tale of teenage yearning–the tough, understated and confusing relationship between two boys who live in the same housing project.  Read more

“Efren’s Place” to debut in Edmonton

This weekend my short story “Efren’s Place” will make its stage debut with Guys in Disguise and Workshop West Playwrights Theatre as part of this year’s Loud & Queer Cabaret. The L & Q cabaret is a Canadian arts institution, featuring the longest running showcase of queer arts in Western Canada. Read more

Writing the darkly comic: in conversation with Michelle Berry

Michelle Berry burst onto the Canadian literary scene at an early age, garnering rave reviews and critical attention for her striking short stories and novels. She’s already published an impressive eight books and–lucky for us–shows no signs of letting up. Read more

The Moon in Scorpio wins a Maggie

I found out earlier this month that my piece “The Moon in Scorpio” has won the 2014 Manitoba Magazine Award for Best Editorial Feature or Creative Non-Fiction Piece. The essay was also a finalist in the Human Experience category of this year’s Western Magazine Awards and last year won the Prairie Fire Creative Non-Fiction Prize. Read more


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