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New story “Henrietta” in Prairie Fire

What happens to friendships that explode into being in a hot burst of mutual love, only to flame out and wither away from some unforeseen force? Read more

“Dar a Luz” in Event

I’m thrilled that my new story “Dar a Luz” is out now with Event magazine.

Read more

Catching up with Neil Smith

I’ve been a huge fan of Neil Smith’s for some time. In fact, I’ve had a literary crush on Neil since the publication of his stellar collection Bang Crunch in 2007. Read more

Call Me By Your Name: The Query Project

Plentitude magazine recently asked me to talk about a book that’s had an impact on my development as a writer for part of a series they’re running called The Query Project. It’s a great project that’s featured a wide range of Canadian writers and has introduced me to a number of exceptional new titles. Read more


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