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The BERTIN-CORKUM Dialogues: PART 1 – The Wonder Years

Kris Bertin is a good friend and a fine writer. His stories have in spades everything I look for in top quality fiction–deep heart, great emotional risk, exceptional attention to craft, and characters so heartbreakingly complex they feel like they are part of yourself.  Read more

Day of the Dead finds life in Prairie Fire

“Day of the Dead”, like many of my stories, takes a closer look at heartbreak, the rogue and hidden pathways of desire, and the messy inevitability of death. It’s one of my favourite stories from the past few years, and I’m thrilled that it will be coming out later this summer in Prairie Fire. Read more

Coconut Dreams + Social Justice All-Stars Launch

It’s a tale of teenage yearning–the tough, understated and confusing relationship between Tariq and Blake, two boys who live in the same housing project in North End Halifax. Set over the course of one steamy summer day, “Coconut Dreams” follows the many twists and turns of longing and desire. The story is out now in the current (Jan/Feb) issue of This magazine.  Read more

Thursday night karaoke: Back in the Little Fiction family

I am super pleased to announce that I’ll be publishing a new story with the fine and brilliant folks at Little Fiction sometime in the new year. For those of you not in the know, Little Fiction is one of the most celebrated, innovative online literary journals in North America. They produce high-quality short story “singles” in multiple formats, lovingly designed by managing editor and stylemaster Troy Palmer. Read more


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