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Review: Willem DeKooning’s Paintbrush

There are short-story debuts that emerge into the world and merely hint at the promise to come. Then there are collections that arrive fully formed, as if the writer is no mere debutante, but has stepped directly into the literary spotlight, with an ace or two (or three) up her sleeve. Read more

Review: Barrelling Forward

There’s a point in the story “Auditioning”, from Eva Crocker’s debut collection Barrelling Forward, when twin sisters Sandra and Rochelle fly from St. John’s to Toronto to audition for a Tupperware commercial. Read more

Reading: WordsThaw Writers Festival, March 18

If you’re in Victoria this Friday, March 18–I’ll be taking the stage as part of the Words Thaw Writers Festival. Read more

Canada at 150: An Indigenous Perspective

As part of my stay as writer-in-residence at Pearson College, I’m working with Clint Kuzio, Pearson’s Indigenous Education Coordinator, to organize a panel discussion of Indigenous writers and thinkers. Panelists Janet Rogers, Philip Kevin Paul, and Chaw-win-is Ogilvie will consider what Canada’s 150th Anniversary looks like from an Indigenous perspective. Read more