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Reflections on writing mindfully

Over the winter, the good folks at Event magazine asked me to contribute to their annual Notes on Writing issue. After mulling it over, I contributed my thoughts on writing mindfully. What does mindful writing look like? What does it mean? Read more


15 books for Canada 150

The Toronto Star asked its reviewers to choose 3 iconic Canadian books for Canada 150. Read more

Review: Stephen Florida

Consider the most obsessed person you’ve ever met, multiple that obsession a millionfold, and you get Stephen Florida, the eponymous hero of Gabe Habash’s gripping debut novel. Read more

Review: Scarborough

Catherine Hernandez brings her keen gifts for observation and compassion to bear on her dynamic first novel, Scarborough. Set largely in the Scarborough neighbourhood of Kingston/Galloway, the novel explores a compelling cast of adult and youth characters who congregate in and around a family literacy centre in Rouge Hill Public School. Read more