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‘27,000 Breaths’ a top read for 2016.

I’ve loved all the feedback and thoughts many of you have shared around your own experiences of grief, after reading my essay “27,000 Breaths“. It’s about my father, about death, about Robin Williams & about how we make sense of our own fleeting, brief, gorgeous lives. Read more

The Chat…turns one

For the past year, I’ve run a popular author interview series called The Chat on one of Canada’s leading book blogging platforms, 49thShelf. We launched the series during last year’s Giller Prize season, interviewing each of the five Giller finalists (including 2015 winner Andre Alexis) and spotlighting each nominated title with an excerpt from the work, great reviews, and other highlights. Read more

“Nothing more (I guess)” to appear in The New Quarterly

I’m thrilled to share the news that my latest short story, “Nothing more (I guess)” is set to appear in The New Quarterly. This is my first appearance in TNQ. Thanks to editor Pamela Mulloy and the rest of the editorial board for taking on this piece. Read more

‘27,000 Breaths’ appears in Big Truths

How do we live with grief? And do we ever let go of love?

These are a few of the questions I tackle in my newest non-fiction piece, ‘27,000 Breaths’, appearing today in Big Truths. It’s a piece that explores my father’s death, but also questions of how we carry pain and trauma inside our bodies, and the role of the breath in releasing pain.

Read more